What we do

  • Architectural Modeling


    We do BIM modeling. We develop the creation of virtual BIM models of Architecture from 2D documentation.

  • MEP and Structural Modeling


    We do BIM modeling. We develop the creation of virtual BIM models of Structure, Plumbing, Mechanical, HVAC, Lighting, Electrical and Fire from 2D documentation.

  • Design Development l Construction Drawings l Shop Drawings

    Production of the necessary documentation to tender and build from the BIM model. Creation of virtual twins that allow the extraction of information and drawings.

  • Scan to BIM

    Precision digital capture, using Lidar data (laser scanner), of an existing "As built" building, an infrastructure or a building under construction. Subsequently, the conversion to a BIM model of information is carried out.

  • BIM for Facility Management

    We develop BIM models suitable for management and maintenance (Facility Management) during the life cycle.

  • Clash Detection

    Technology is transforming the AEC industry. At AXET we use it to identify the conflicts that will occur during the work, before it begins. We work for developers, we support architects and we encourage improvement of consultants designs.

  • Staff Augmentation

    What is Staff Augmentation in BIM?

    Imagine having immediate access to the best BIM professionals throughout Latin America, just when you need them. With our Staff Augmentation service, you can do just that. We provide you with a team of BIM experts who have been working with us for several years, following best practices and seamlessly integrating into your company.

    What options do we have for you?

    BIM Manager

    BIM Coordinator

    BIM Architecture Modeler

    BIM Structures Modeler

    BIM Engineering Modeler

    What sets us apart? Our value proposition is simple yet powerful: We are so confident in the quality of our professionals that you can activate and deactivate the service whenever you need it. We are always ready to provide the support your project or company requires. This means you don't have to worry about long-term commitments or unnecessary fixed costs.

    Key Benefits:

    Immediate access to the best BIM experts in Latin America.

    Our entire team is fluent in both Spanish and English.

    Total flexibility: activate and deactivate the service according to your needs.

    No long-term commitments or unnecessary fixed costs.

    Tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

  • BIM Consultancy on Demand

    At aXet, we offer our BIM consultancy services in a flexible format tailored to your needs.


    We have designed three exclusive options to meet the specific demands of your project:

    15-Hour Package: Ideal for advanced teams with specific and specialized questions.

    30-Hour Package: Perfect for those taking their first steps, seeking secure progress, and having inquiries about strategies, developing families, or requiring training on specific topics.

    50-Hour Package: The complete solution for developing your pilot projects.


    Benefits of our on-demand hour packages:

    Total Flexibility: Adapt our services to your changing needs and pay only for the hours you truly require.

    Cost Savings: On-demand hour packages offer preferential rates compared to traditional consultancy, providing excellent value for your investment.

    Expert Guidance: Our team of BIM consultants from across Latin America is ready to provide precise and effective solutions to optimize your projects.

    Quick Access: With an hour package, you can access our consultancy whenever you need it, without delays or complications. Just submit a ticket, and we are at your service!