It's easy with Axet

We have designed a simple process to expand your capacity, maintain your quality and achieve your deadlines.

  1. Request a proposal

    Request a proposal

    Click “Request your proposal” and complete the form specifing project type, Scope of Work, project design (PDF, RVT or DWF) and area. We will haver your proposal in less than 48hrs.

    Request your Proposal
  2. Initiating


    This is the first step in starting a new project.

    We establish why we're doing the project and what business value it will deliver.

    We also assign the BIM/Project Manager and the resources.

  3. Planning


    We understand quality as achieving expectations. We are obsessed with that. So with different strategies, we will obtain your requirements and expectations from the different stages. As a result of this phase, you will receive 3 main documents which guarantee the success of the project; Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Project Network Diagram and an initial Schedule.

  4. Execution


    Mockup is our secret sauce. We prepare a portion, area, level, or a set of drawings for your validation. We developed a standardized production system that guarantees the success of the projects. You will see that our execution is the same as you do it in-house.

  5. Quality Analyses & Quality Control

    Quality Analyses & Quality Control

    Nothing goes out from our organization without a deep revision. To guarantee this, we assign a Quality Advisor for each project. We use our checklists, to do visual checks, clash detection, standards compliance, LOD compliance, and model integrity.

  6. Closing


    Once we get to the end, and before celebrating, we close the project.

    We archieve the main files, we synthesize the lessons learned, and re-organize the security access and permissions.